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Which Water Purifier is Best for Borewell Water?

By Pureit Water

Water is the most essential part of a human body; consuming safe and clean drinking water is the most important aspect of one’s life.

There are various sources linked to where water comes from in every household. Surface water, Groundwater, Wastewater, Icecap water and many more.

What is borewell water?

The most common and the traditional source of consuming water is Borewell water, which is drilled and pumped from inside of the ground.

However, Borewell water may not be entirely safe for consumption because of the level of hardness derived from dissolved calcium, magnesium, and contamination due to bacteria, viruses and heavy metals such as arsenic, fluoride which can be potentially harmful to the human body.

Hence, making it essential to purify borewell water before utilizing it for direct consumption purposes like drinking, cooking food, etc.

Which water purifier to buy for borewell water?

The market consists of a varied kinds of water purifiers and it’s essential to understand what type of a water purifier works the best for purifying your source of water.

As highlighted in our blog on choosing the  best water purifier for your home , the first and foremost step is to understand your source of water and getting its TDS levels tested.

The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) levels of borewell water are considered higher than other sources of water coming from Tank or Municipal. The TDS levels of borewell water are generally around 500ppm or higher which turns the water saline, and difficult to consume.

For TDS levels higher than 300-500 ppm, it is recommended to choose a RO water purifier for your home. Hence, to treat borewell water you need advanced purification technologies like Reverse Osmosis (RO) combined with and Ultra Violet (UV) or Micro Filtration (MF).

The water purifiers built on these technologies ensure that all kinds of impurities – chemicals, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, along with the heavy metals and TDS can be removed from your water, making it 100% safe and pure for consumption.

The RO water purification process uses a partially permeable membrane to remove irons, harmful molecules, and harmful particles from drinking water.

An RO water purifier is also suggested because it not only purifies water but also enhances and sweetens the taste of borewell water. This taste improvement is difficult to be achieved by only using a gravity or a UV water purifier.

If at all your TDS is less than 300ppm, you can choose a UV water purifier. Water with low TDS levels can be treated with ultraviolet light rays that help in eliminating all the bacteria or microorganisms that may exist in the water.

Most families prefer installing a combination of RO and UV water purifier as it efficiently removes excess TDS, chemicals, as well as pathogens present in the water, making it healthy for everyday consumption.

Looking out for the best purifier is not easy but knowing your exact requirements and understanding the type of water with the help of expert reviews will help you choose the best purifier that gives you 100%. These Pureit range of water purifiers will provide you with safe and clean water.

Facts about drinking water in India: Why a water purifier is must?

By Pureit Water

Access to clean and safe water, especially in rural areas of India is a privilege that not many enjoy. The Gold Standard organization found that 1 in every 10 people worldwide do not have access to clean water. A safe water supply is important for a country’s economic standing as it helps with a family’s finances, further contributing to the overall national economy.

Facts about drinking water in India

According to the WHO JMP 2017 report, over 163 million people in India don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water. India is a country with over a billion people where less than half of its population has access to safely managed drinking water.

Chemical contamination of water is present in 1.96 million household. Of which, fluoride contamination in India affects millions of people across 19 states, while equally worryingly, excess arsenic may affect up to 15 million people in West Bengal, according to the World Health Organization. Fluoride contamination is a major cause in dental and skeletal fluorosis in India.

Central Groundwater Board (2014) data reveals that of the population over 1 billion people almost 66 million people have drinking water with fluoride levels beyond permissible limits.

With water access being limited in the nation, the water present in reservoirs, wells, tap water and other sources of household water can be exposed to dirt, bacteria and even at times toxic material.

Impurified water can do more damage than good and can cause health concern among people. It is essential to use purified water for drinking, washing, and cooking.

Why Do We Need A Water Purifier?

Human body is 80% constituted of water. It is essential for survival, but unsafe drinking water can do more harm than good. Drinking water is a major cause for water- borne disease, that can at times be even fatal.

A good water purifier can help prevent these water borne diseases like cholera and typhoid which can be life-threatening if not treated in time. Clean and safe water is a necessity than more of a luxury.

Why a water purifier is a must?

  1. Removes Disease-Causing Contaminants: Majority of Indian households rely on tap water and this water can be a common carrier of various disease-causing microbiological contaminants like viruses, bacteria, fungus, and parasites. This water can be unfit for consumption and may lead to several water-borne diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, and typhoid. According to the India Water Portal, 37.7 million Indians are affected by waterborne diseases, 1.5 million children die of diarrhoea and 73 million working days are lost leading to an economic burden of $600 million a year. According to WHO there 1.3 to 4.0 million cases, and 21,000 to 1,43,000 deaths worldwide due to cholera. However, with safe drinking water and/or good sanitation facilities, the disease can be easily prevented and treated.
  2. Removes Heavy Metals: Water, especially ground water contains heavy metal contamination like Fluoride, Nitrates, Potassium etc which can cause major health issues among the population. India is one of the worst affected countries with fluorosis where more than 60% of the population is the victim to the condition. Water purifiers, especially RO water purifiers can help eliminate heavy metals and provide safe drinking water.
  3. Health Benefits: Water purifiers keep intact lot of necessary minerals needed for human body. It also helps improve your skin and hair quality. Clean and safe water helps prevent dehydration and keep you energetic and active.
  4. Healthy Hair and Skin: Consuming purified water prevents dehydration of skin and hair and reduces dryness. It enhances hair quality and reduces breakouts to give a radiant skin.
  5. Detoxifies Body: Having clean and safe water washes out all the built lactic acid and other toxins in the body. Staying hydrated detoxifies the body and increases the kidney function.
  6. Weight Loss Benefits: Having purified water and staying hydrated can increase body’s metabolism resulting in weight loss.

Water purifiers like Pureit helps provide clean and safe water and prevent you from water-borne diseases and infections. They also keep intact the minerals that are needed for human body. With the amount of contamination and population investing in good water purifiers is a need to keep you and your loved ones away from home.

How to clean and maintain your water purifier at home

By Pureit Water

Consumption of safe and clean drinking water is the most important element for our health. To ensure that one gets clean and safe drinking water, it is important to maintain a water purifier. Without proper maintenance and care, the water purifier will not function properly, and you may end up drinking contaminated water.

Water filters are designed to trap impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, TDS, chemicals, etc. Here are some useful tips on how you can maintain and clean your water purifier for effective, trouble-free, and long-lasting operations.

Steps to clean the outer surface of your water purifier

  1. Do not use detergents, soap, or wet cloth to clean the external parts. Use dry and soft cloth to clean the front cover.
  2. Do not clean aggressively or rub the surface as this might lead to scratches
  3. Clean the tap nozzle using disinfectants like bleach/hypochlorite (50 PPM available chlorine). And do not forget to discard 2 litres of water after cleaning the dispenser
  4. Never splash water on the water purifier while cleaning
  5. Do not try to open the purifier for cleaning or any replacements. It’s advisable to call for a company technician

Steps to clean the storage tank of your water purifier

  1. Discard the water in the storage tank once in 15-25 days.
  2. Drain the water in the storage tank if purifier is not used for more than 2 days.
  3. Clean the storage tank once a month with a disinfectant solution. You can do this by putting 1 ml of the disinfectant solution (10–15 drops) into the storage tank (ensure the tank is full). Post that, drain the entire tank after 10 minutes.
  4. Ensure while cleaning, no foreign material (like dust/ants/insects/other pests) should enter the storage tank.

Other Important things to keep in mind

Maintain good hygiene around your water purifier - Ensure this area is free of ants/insects and other pests. Also, don’t forget to take care of the reject pipes and other tubes while cleaning the purifier, else water can flow into the kitchen.

Change your filters at regular intervals – The most essential aspect is to change your filter in the water purifier as and when they are due for replacement. If your water purifier has a filter indicator, look out for the indication. And if it doesn’t come with an indication, reach out to the service technician to understand about the filter replacement cycle.

  • Sediment filter - The sediment filter in a water purifier should be changed every 6-9 months. The pre-filter stage is designed to strain out the sediment, dirt and is crucial as the sediment filter protects dirt from getting to the RO membrane. If the filter is not changed when scheduled, dirt and silt can reach the RO membranes and begin to clog the membrane You can easily clean the sediment filter at home.
  • Carbon filter - Carbon filter helps to remove the chlorine and other contaminants that affect the performance and life of the RO membrane along-with the taste and odour of water. The Carbon filter should also be replaced every 12 months.
  • RO Membrane Replacement - The RO purifier comes with a semi-permeable membrane, which allows water to pass and filters out all additional contaminants. It is recommended to change the RO membrane in 1.5 to 2 years, basis the TDS level of your water.

Check for Drips and Leakages - Get professional help as soon as you notice drips or leakages. Water purifiers can create leakage if the right steps are not taken. Ask the professional to thoroughly check the water purifier to know the cause of the leakage and save the machine from damage.

Call for Annual Maintenance & Service - To avoid any serious problem with your water purifier, make sure that you get the help of a professional to replace the filters. It is extremely critical to take care of people around us and our health seriously, and hence it is recommended to take necessary steps to maintain the hygiene of your water purifier.

Maintaining a water filter is not that difficult as brands like Pureit water purifiers are designed with Advanced Alert System which gives one a warning to clean and replace the filters timely. One simply has to follow the tips to keep the water purifier working in perfect condition.

Important Health Tips you Must keep in Mind while Travelling

By Pureit Water

It’s never a fun thing to fall sick while you are travelling. The thrill of travelling to a country / state is always exciting, but one thing that can completely help you enjoy your trip is to stay healthy and fit. Basic tips to follow are stay hydrated, practise yoga, eat and consume healthy fruits, food and dry fruits. As it’s said, prevention is better than cure, and here are some simple things to take note of while travelling.

Staying hydrated is the cure: Many times we forget to consume enough water specially while we are travelling, and this can lead to extreme tiredness, and dehydration. It is important to remember to drink plenty of fluids, from different fruit and vegetable juices, to drinking water. Water can be consumed by mixing it with Electrolyte solution, which keeps you in full energy and hydrated. Most of the time you will find yourself more dehydrated than usual while you travel from one country to another. Water is the easiest solution to stay fit and healthy by skipping out on calories.

Maintain personal hygiene: Washing hands is a regular practise one should follow when on vacation. Products like wet wipes, sanitizer, soap, face wash, cream are the essentials to keep one self-clean and fresh. A daily moisturizer is also required to keep the skin hydrated. A sunscreen will go a long way to take care of the skin texture.

Working out while travelling: Don’t forget your normal routine while you are travelling. Working out while you are travelling, helps you detangle the worries and guides you to a fresh perspective. And once you finish your work out, remember to keep drinking water to keep your body hydrated.

Yoga: Practicing Yoga has many physical and mental benefits. Doing yoga even for few minutes in the day or whilst travelling will help you have a long way. Meditation, Surya Namaskar, and other asanas will help you being physically fit and build you strong, mentally. Breathing exercise, stretching will help you relax your body and mind and help in flexibility and strengthening your muscles.

Avoid Junk: We always let loose on our food habits while we are travelling. Eat junk but also balance it with healthy food or dry fruits. Dry fruits are a better option to fill your stomach between meals and avoid the junk eating.

Digital Detox: A quick way to give your mind a little detox is to switch of from the digital world. People who have visited places which are less developed will witness that happiest people in the world are those with fewer possessions. Sometimes the best moments are the one’s which are not captured. Digital Detox will help you concentrate in living in the moment.

Consume Vitamins: Keeping your immune system up and energy levels high is the key to a happy travel. Travelling can be exhausting but if you consume the correct vitamins, it will keep you motivated and energetic. Mixing simpler ingredients like cucumber, honey, lemon in pure drinking water can keep up your energy levels and also provide necessary vitamins to the body.

We all know that traveling is a healthy way to get away from your mundane life, but it can also be stressful and unfavourable to our health if we are constantly on the go. Following a few above tips will help you stay fit, stronger, and happier.

Give your family the gift of immunity with Pureit Copper RO

By Pureit Water

The pandemic has reminded us of the importance of developing and maintaining good health and immunity. Most of us have started maintaining healthy diets, schedules, a healthy work- life balance and include numerous varieties of leafy vegetables and fruits, grains and pulses, diet plans and even intake of multivitamins, nutritional supplements for calcium, zinc, immunity and more.

The pandemic has made us self-conscious about ourselves and our loved one’s everyday habits and lifestyle. While we are resorting to these dietary and medicinal supplements to develop a healthy and strong body, it is important to ensure that good health practices become a part of our daily routine.

A daily routine ensures that these become a part of our habits and hence stick with us for longer.

One such important healthy habit is of drinking plenty of water. While drinking water is a necessity and an undeniable truth, it is essential to understand the significance and seriousness of drinking purified water.

And imagine a scenario, when your drinking water is not just purified and safe but also comes with added health benefits of immunity boosting.

This is festive season gift your family the goodness and the gift of immunity with Pureit Copper RO.

Copper has been prescribed in Ayurveda for its numerous health benefits such as boosting immunity, fighting obesity, boosting metabolism. It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and is also known to neutralize toxins.

Therefore, traditionally water used to be stored in a copper vessel overnight or at least for 8- 10 hours and next day utilized for consumption.

But in the current times, it is challenging to follow the same practices given paucity of time and our busy schedules.

Pureit Copper RO is one such latest water purifier that promises not just 100% safe RO purified water with its advanced 7 stages of purification but also enriches it with goodness of copper.

And the best part? You get copper enriched water instantly at just the touch of a button.

Here are few features, which make it the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Precise copper dosing: Pureit Copper RO provides copper infused water 24x7 but it also adds just the right amount in each glass of water and thus maintain the appropriate levels of infused copper in every glass. This cuts down on over or under consumption of copper infused water.

This copper water purifier uses the patented Copper Charge TechnologyTM that adds 99.8% pure copper in RO purified water, in real time.

Dual water dispensing: The goodness of copper is not a secret to anyone but Pureit Copper RO purifier offers an innovative and smart feature of dual water dispensing which allows the consumers to choose between copper RO water or normal RO water.

Intelligent copper auto- cleaning: This copper purifier automatically cleans the copper timely without requiring any manual hassles. Automatic cleaning also ensures fresh infusion of copper in each glass.

Safe drinking water: Pureit Copper RO purifier ensures 100% safe drinking water eliminating all kinds of bacterias, viruses and dangerous germs.

This festive season gift yourself and your loved ones – happy health!

Water - A magical potion to lose weight?

By Pureit Water

Every living being's survival is dependent upon food and water, while one can dodge hunger but to live without water is impossible. Our bodies are made up of about 60 per cent of water and help to carry out functions such as wiping out toxins, body waste, helping in digestion, regulating body temperature, has multiple benefits on skin, hair and internally on our body as well.

Many of us are conscious of our body weight and try to reduce it by following extreme diets, exercising, or changing our food habits. While these are proven ways to reduce weight, the most important trick is persistence. The more you bring these changes into your habit, the easier the weight loss mission becomes.

Hence, a simple yet effective habit for keeping your weight in check is ‘Drinking Water’. Drinking enough water is known to assist weight loss and here’s how it can benefit you:

You’re not hungry…you’re just thirsty: Sometimes, the body isn't able to differentiate between hunger and thirst. So, if you're feeling hungry and are tempted to snack on high-calorie food, have a glass of water first. Most likely you could be just thirsty and thus the glass of water would cause you to feel full and stop you from consuming those extra calories.

Water can assist you to eat less: Drinking water before a meal has its benefits in overall weight loss, possibly because you're feeling full and thus tend to eat smaller portions of food thereafter. In one study, folks that drank water before a meal ate about 75 calories lesser during the meal. That, in itself, won’t appear to be much. But 75 x 365 (days during a year) means 27375 calories less during a year, which corresponds to an approximately 4 kg weight loss, without much effort.

Water can assist you to digest your food better: Drinking an ample amount of water helps in the digestion of food with ease and not causing stress on the digestive system. Additionally, water is important for your kidneys to function smoothly and reduce the danger of stones and prevent constipation.

Healthy alternatives to water: If you are feeling hungry or tempted to have aerated drinks, reach out to the following alternatives instead of water without getting back those extra unnecessary calories.

  • Pure fruit juice: Always read and confirm the information printed on the label first. Fruit juice often comes with added sugars and could be high in calories, besides the nutritional value. Understand the real nutritional value and then decide to drink. Fresh fruit juices are the best as they are freshly squeezed out and comes with no sugar, preservatives, editable colours or artificial flavours.
  • Fresh vegetable juice: Besides being nutritious as fruit juices, vegetable juices promise fewer calories and plenty of fibre.
  • Skimmed or low-fat milk: Alongside the goodness of calcium with lesser calories, low-fat milk is preferable over milk, when on a diet.
  • Green tea: Another great source of antioxidants, tea can also aid weight loss.

To drink or to not drink: If you’re on a diet to reduce, you'll definitely be keeping an eye fixed on your calorie intake. But remember to observe your fluid intake too! It is okay to opt for healthier options as they add nutritional value to your body. But, refrain from drinking the following liquids.

  • Carbonated drinks: High on calories and low on nutrition, it’s best to avoid these under all circumstances.
  • Fruit juices with sugar: Some fruit juices have the maximum amount of sugar added as carbonated drinks. Always read and confirm the information printed on the label first.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is already a high-calorie beverage, which is without counting the fried snacks or nuts that sometimes accompany a glass of alcohol.

Always remember, it is essential to drink water from a clean and purified source. Impure water is exposed to multiple things such as dust, pollution, metals, toxins and may have the presence of micro-organisms leading to health issues in the future. Thus, invest in a good water purifier to be safe and healthy.

Also, avoid over-drinking or consuming very less water, understand the requirement of your body and cater to it accordingly.

What is a mineral water purifier and when should you buy it?

By Pureit Water

With growing consciousness of health and well-being amongst people, we have started re-evaluating our choices by opting for products which are natural, unfiltered and which most importantly benefit their overall health and lifestyle.

While till now, we have been talking about minerals in the context of food and dietary supplements, there is an emerging stream of conversation around Mineral Water Purifiers.

What are mineral water purifiers?

Water before reaching our homes, is carried in the form of rainfall, passing through various layers of soils, seeping through stones and pebbles, and thus getting mineralized during the process. This water is infused with essential minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, etc.

While these minerals are good for health, they often get mixed with various contaminants that are harmful for human body. This is because of the increasing pollution and discharge of wastes into water bodies making it hazardous for human consumption.

Also, it’s crucial to note that while these minerals offer a host of health benefits, any excess amount of these can have adverse health effects. Thus, these minerals are beneficial only when consumed in regulated quantities.

This is where the role of Mineral Water purifiers come into the picture. Mineral water purifiers are in essence RO water purifiers equipped with an additional Mineral Cartridge.

These RO water purifiers remove the harmful impurities present in water along with getting rid of the excess TDS (Total Dissolved Solids containing these minerals) through multiple water purification stages.

Once, the water is purified, the essential minerals are added back into the purified water through the Mineral Cartridge.

This ensures, the water that you consume not only is free of all harmful chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides but is also rich in the essential minerals.

When should you buy a Mineral Water purifier?

A mineral water purifier is needed only when your water contains a high level of TDS i.e. more than 300ppm. Water with a high level of TDS tastes salty and may not be suitable for consumption.

An excess of TDS indicates presence of large amount of total dissolved solids in your source of water which could only be removed through the process of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification.

An RO water purifier removes the excess TDS along with other impurities like chemicals, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, etc.

Along with the TDS, the minerals are also flushed out with the impurities. Hence, an RO water purifier with an added mineral cartridge helps make up for the lost minerals. Mineral water purifiers such as the one from Pureit not only remove the harmful microbes, bacteria and other contaminants from your drinking water, but also add essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, back into the purified water.

When would you not need a Mineral Water purifier?

When the source of your water contains a TDS of less than 300 ppm, you can choose a UV water purifier.

Ultraviolet (UV) water purifiers use the UV light to kill germs and microbes, while retaining the natural minerals present in water. UV water purifiers are only effective so long as the concentration of dissolved particles or solids in your water, is less than 300 parts per million.

Hence, if your source of water is municipal, you can safely choose a UV water purifier as Municipal water is already treated before reaching your homes.

We hope the above article answers your various questions about mineral water purifiers. If you have any further queries, feel free to reach out to us at 1860 210 1000.

The Importance of Staying Hydrated while Exercising

By Pureit Water

Your body requires water for everyday functioning. Water helps to regulate body temperature, transport nutrients, remove waste material, digest food, lubricate the joints, and is also important for cellular reactions. Staying hydrated is important for everyone, but most people could get dehydrated without realizing, while exercising or engaging in a physical activity.

What causes you to sweat?

When you work out or engage in any physical activity, your body temperature increases. In order to remove this additional heat, the body secretes sweat, which eventually helps cool you down. Sweat consists of electrolytes (like sodium) and water, and hence, you lose a lot of water with perspiration.

What could lead to loss of water/fluids while engaging in a lot of exercise or physical activity?

Most of us know that sweating leads to water loss. But besides perspiration, physically active people lose water due to other reasons as well:

  • Increased sweating and water loss via skin, as the body tries to regulate temperature
  • Fluid loss during respiration, urination
  • High fibre diets: These could lead to a slight increase in faecal water loss
  • High protein diets: Digestion and excretion of metabolites because protein intake requires additional amount of water. Usually this amount is insignificant but it may become important if the athlete is consuming less fluid for training purposes

How does dehydration affect the body during physical activity?

While everyone knows that water is required for the proper functioning of the human body, not many know that being adequately hydrated significantly affects how the body functions during physical activity. Under severe dehydration, the following complications may be seen:

  • Mental performance may be affected

Under certain conditions, dehydration can lead to impaired mental capabilities and negatively affect working memory, short-term memory, mood, visual motor skills and arithmetic capabilities.

  • The ability to exercise and other physical functions may be affected

Dehydration could affect cardiac functioning, sweat production and the ability of the body to regulate its own temperature.

How much water should you drink during exercise/physical activity?

The fluid requirement varies from one person to another. The type of physical activity, duration and intensity of the activity, metabolic rate, humidity, temperature, level of physical fitness etc., impact how much water an individual may require.

However, here are some general guidelines for avoiding hydration during physical activity:

  • Before you exercise:

Drink about 500-600 ml of water at least 4 hours before exercising/playing a sport.

Drink 250-350 ml of water about 10 to 15 minutes before exercise.

  • While exercising

If you are exercising for less than an hour, drink 100-250 ml of water every 15-20 minutes.

If you are exercising for more than an hour, drink 100-250 ml of a sports drink (containing electrolytes and carbohydrates) every 15-20 minutes.

  • After exercising

For every pound of weight loss during the intense exercise, you need to drink 600-700 ml of a sports beverage or water; athletes often weigh themselves before and after a work-out to determine this.

However, it’s equally important that you don’t drink too much fluid (more than 950 ml in an hour) while exercising, since “over-hydration” could also lead to side effects.

Having said this, it’s always advisable to introduce a water purifier for these everyday requirements. A Pureit water purifier with its advanced purification process gives you just that – pure, rich water for a healthier you!

Why water purification is necessary during monsoons? And 3 simple ways to do so.

By Pureit Water

Monsoon season brings a huge relief from the scorching summer heat. While we enjoy the pitter-patter and the cool climate, monsoon season also brings along an array of diseases with it.

During the rainy season, the water quality gets heavily compromised as open water can contaminate clean water by seeping into underground tanks, wells, damaged pipes making them unfit for household consumption.

Usually, unfiltered water has a high chance of containing bacteria, metallic rust elements, toxic materials such as copper, lead, aluminum, mercury, cadmium, chromium, pesticides, fertilizers and many such particles which contaminate water.

Heavy floods or downpour leaves water stagnated in the open which makes it a carrier of multiple waterborne illnesses, cholera, jaundice, cramps in the stomach, indigestion, multiple types of viruses, bacteria and more depending upon the level of contamination and the exposure to dirt, dust, pollution, and toxins.

Therefore, an effective water purification process is needed to safeguard ourselves against these water-borne diseases. While most of us have adapted to different water purification methods, it is important to purify water in the right way, especially during monsoons.

Here are few suggested water purification methods:

Boiling Water

Boiling is one of the most common ways of purifying water. While it is effective in killing most of the viruses and bacteria, it may not be 100% safe as it doesn’t remove heavy metals or toxic chemicals, if present in your drinking water. Hence, boiling water can be safely consumed if your source of water is municipal as municipal water is already treated and filtered before it reaches your home.

Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purification

Water purifiers with UV (Ultraviolet) rays kill all the bacteria, viruses present in the water. UV deactivates most of living organisms present in the water, giving you pure, clean drinking water. UV water purifiers retain the natural minerals present in water as well.

UV water purifiers are recommended to be used if your water TDS level  is below 200 ppm and your source of water is municipal.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification

With rising advancement and technological improvements, water purification methods have come a long way. With RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology being the most effective way of water purification. RO membrane effectively removes all the impurities, particles, and pathogens present in the water along with removing high TDS, toxic chemicals and heavy metals. A Pureit RO water purifier is suitable to be used for all kinds of sources of water – Tap, Tank or Ground Water with TDS as high as 2000ppm.

So, this monsoon season ensure the absolute safety of your health and that of your loved one's by wisely choosing the right method of water purification.

Why do we need to filter water before drinking?

By Pureit Water

Water is an essential need for every living being on the earth. Yet, it is the most neglected necessity. Just like we choose the best quality of fruits and vegetables to keep ourselves and our family safe and healthy, it is equally essential to filter water before drinking it.

Unpurified water has the power to do more damage to health than improving our health. It can lead to multiple water-borne diseases such as Diarrhea, Cholera, Jaundice, Viral Gastroenteritis, cramps in the stomach, vomiting to name a few. These not only can impact our health but may also harm our vital organs.

What is unfiltered water?

Water is considered to be tasteless, colorless, and odorless but water in open is exposed to multiple particles such as dust, dirt, pollution, chemicals including acid and metallic rust elements, and toxic materials that can severely impact its quality.

Heavy metals like lead, aluminum, mercury, cadmium, chromium, among others cannot be seen by our naked eyes but can be easily present in our sources of water. Tap water while is cleaner compared to unfiltered water but the filtration process is generic and can contain a high amount of chlorine along with minerals and nutrients in an unbalanced proportion. Therefore, it is crucial to have a water filter at home to not only eliminate impurities but also to have the right levels of nutrients in the water.

What happens if we intake unfiltered water?

If drinking water contains unsafe levels of contaminants, it can cause health effects depending upon the amount of water consumed, and the duration of exposure. The effects can be for the short term as well as lead to major health woes in the long run.

In the long run, if we intake water that has been exposed to chemicals it can lead to issues such as skin discoloration, organ damage, severe side effects on the nervous system, or even may lead to cancer.

The more common illnesses caused by viruses, bacteria, and parasites can result in stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fever in the short term. But microbes can cause substantial damage such as kidney failure, hepatitis and may lead to a fatal outcome. The right water filter can save you from multiple diseases and offer safe, clean drinking water.

What are the benefits of water filtration & Why is it important?

Filtration of water can offer us multiple benefits such as:

  • Keeps health in check and provides minerals in the right proportion.
  • Not only water is vital for internal organs but also externally, it ensures skin is healthy and glowing naturally.
  • A pure, clean glass of water will provide you more energy, reduce fatigue, and also hydrate you.
  • A glass of filtered water will help you flush out toxins, improve digestion which improves the health and life of your organs.

Hence, it’s always advisable to invest in a good water purifier that offers most efficient water filtration. You can choose from a wide range of Pureit water purifiers that guarantee 100% safe drinking water to keep your family’s health and well-being intact.

5 ways of reusing the discarded water from an RO Water Purifier

By Pureit Water

An RO water purifier is the most trusted and widely used water purification technology in India. It is also the only purification system that can successfully remove Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), chemicals, and other harmful impurities such as lead, mercury and arsenic which can cause damage to a human body. While it offers safe and pure drinking water, it has got one drawback – Wastage of Water.

The water wastage is a result of the RO membrane filtering out the impure water which is high in TDS and other impurities. While this water is unfit for consumption or bathing, it surely can be utilized for many other purposes.

Here are few easy ways of re-using the reject water.

1. Use it for mopping and cleaning

A lot of water gets wasted every day in cleaning our houses. Most of this water can be easily replaced with the discarded water from an RO water purification system. The reject water can be simply re-used used for mopping and cleaning the house.

2. Use it to water your garden

Using reject water to water your plants can prove to be beneficial for the longevity of the plants and their growth. You can first test it on a few plants to see how the growth of those plants is affected by the change in water. Most of the plants can easily grow with water TDS level ranging up to 2000ppm.

3. Use it to wash utensils

This can be one of the best ways to utilize the waste water from an RO water purifier. Mostly the waste water pipe is placed near the kitchen sink and hence it can be easily utilized for cleaning the dishes and other utensils.

4. Use it to clean cars or washrooms

Cleaning toilets or washing cars require many buckets of water. Hence, to avoid water wastage, the reject water can be utilized for these purposes.

5. Use it for your water coolers

Just mix some tap water with the waste water and it can be repurposed for filling the water coolers in summers.

Using all these methods to re-use water can be extremely useful but it can also be time and effort consuming. Which is why Pureit has introduced - Pureit Eco Water saver water purifier. It uses Eco RecoveryTM Technology that delivers efficient purification while giving you high water saving compared to other ROs. It can help you save up to 80 glasses of water daily, resulting in minimal water wastage.

These little measures can make a world of difference for the environment. Hence, while you make sure the safety of your family with clean drinking water, we also urge you to be mindful of water wastage and save as much water as possible with these simple tips.

3 Best Water Purifiers with Low Maintenance Cost

By Pureit Water

With rapid urbanization, it is important to upgrade and adapt ourselves to improve our health and standard of living. One such necessity is installing a water purifier for clean, toxin-free water as the tap water quality is degrading and contains multiple impurities and toxins which can be harmful to our body. While choosing the best water purifier for home, we often look at several features like – stages of purification, storage capacity, etc, but one key parameter that we often overlook is its maintenance cost.

Regular maintenance of a water purifier ensures its long life along with promising uninterrupted flow of purified drinking water. There are various water purifiers available in the market which may seem to be cheaper at first but may require frequent servicing over the course of their life. And as a result, end up burning a hole in your pocket.

Hence, it’s necessary to choose a water purifier that not only comfortably fits in your budget but at the same time requires minimum services over its life.

Here's a list of the 3 best water purifiers for Indian homes, which are budget friendly and come with a low maintenance cost, while providing you 100% safe and pure drinking water.

1. Pureit’s Classic G2 Mineral RO+UV - This water purifier comes with 6 stages of advanced purification and has a capacity of purifying 6,000 liters. This means double the filter life than most of the purifiers available in the market. In most purifiers, the capacity is only up to 3,000 litres, therefore, it requires maintenance and timely service in every 6-8 months. Apart from being a low maintenance purifier, it has some top-notch features such as:

  • 100% RO purified water: All water passes through the Reverse Osmosis membrane before being passed to the UV lamp for purification. Compared to regular water purifiers which use a bypass technology to let some of the water flow directly through a UV lamp, Classic G2 Mineral RO+UV ensures every drop is 100% RO purified.
  • 6 -Stage purification: Offers 6 stages of purification with the goodness of RO and UV which ensure the utmost safety and sweet drinking water.
  • Goodness of Calcium and Magnesium: The purifier not only provides clean drinking water but adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium as it has a mineral cartridge.
  • Smart power mode: Smart power mode goes on standby once the water tank is filled to the brim which helps in saving water and avoiding overflow of water.
  • 100% Food grade plastic: This purifier not only takes away all your woes about safe drinking water but also promises good health by being made of 100 percent food-grade plastic which prevents toxins and impurities of poor-quality plastic from mixing in the clean filtered water.

2. The Pureit Marvella UV G2 is our best recommendation if you’re looking for a UV water purifier for home. It has a long filter life of 6000 litres as compared to the standard filter life of 3000 litres in ordinary UV purifiers. The cost of maintenance thus comes out to be as low as 30 paise per litre.

So if your water usage is higher this could be the best water purifier for you!

  • Best-in-Class 11 Watt UV Lamp – This water purifier comes with a high intensity UV lamp that effectively deactivates harmful viruses and bacteria present in the water
  • Storage tank -  Pureit Marvella provides water storage of 4 litres which cut down on the efforts and time of constantly refilling the tank
  • Advanced Filter Change Alerts - Marvella UV G2 is a smart purifier because it warns you to change your filters 15 days before expiry
  • Automatic tank filling - Pureit has incorporated a time-saving system that refills the tank automatically if not full. It purifies, refills, and stores water automatically
  • Voltage fluctuation guard - The fluctuation guard protects the purifier during sudden voltage fluctuations which protects the purifier

3. Pureit Advanced Max Mineral RO+UV+MF+MP: From superior RO purification technology which guarantees pure healthy water to giving you higher savings, this water purifier is perfect for a nuclear family. It has a high filter life of 6000 litres, giving you a saving of Rs. 1200 per year on the maintenance cost.

  • 7-Stage purification: 7 stages of purification ensure utmost safety and sweet drinking water for you and your family
  • Mineral Enrichment: Apart from purifying water using RO technology, the purifier enriches the purified water by adding minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium, which is vital for our health
  • 100% Food-Grade Plastic: It also has food-grade plastic which makes sure that water is still safe after purification
  • Double purity lock: This lock ensures to serve you safe and sweet water every time by warning you 15 days in advance about your filter replacement. And if despite warning, the filters aren’t replaced on time, it turns off the device
  • Smart power mode: The smart mode puts the purifier on stand-by when the tank is fully filled. Not only it saves electricity but also prevents wastage of water and one does not need to spare time to keep a check till the time tank is filled.
  • Water level indicator: The purifier also has a water level indicator, which shows the water level left in the tank for up to 3 litres. This ensures you know in advance the right time to turn on your purifier.

Hence, while choosing the best water purifier for your home, go for the one which fits in your budget not just at the time of purchase but also during its life. A low maintenance water purifier saves you from repeated hassles of filter replacements and service requirements. Choose from these best range of Pureit water purifiers.

When should you change the filters of your water purifier?

By Pureit Water

Regular maintenance of a water purifier is important to ensure efficient functioning of its filters and other parts. Periodic checks and cleaning of filters also ensure consistent supply of pure, clean, and safe drinking. But how do you determine when exactly you should get your water filters replaced or call for a service?

We have prepared a handy list of early indicators that you should watch out for in your water purifier. These signs/factors can be considered as clear indicators of filter replacement or service requirement.

1. Longer wait time to get purified water

A water purifier is functioning properly if the purified water is being dispensed by it normally. The volume should be just fine – as it was when you first started using it. However, if you notice a reduction in the speed of purified water dispensing i.e. the flow rate of the water is slower than usual, there might be a chance of water clogging in the system. Water clogging is caused by the collection of excess debris on the filter or membranes of the purifier, thus restricting the flow of water.

2. Check sediment filter for brown scaling

Sediment filter as the name suggests captures sediments or suspended particles like dirt, silt, mud, clay etc. As the sediment filter is placed outside the water purifier, it can be easily opened and checked for deposits and scaling. A brown scaling on the filter indicates its overuse and needs immediate replacement. A periodic replacement of such membranes allows a longer life span of the device, and to the other filters too.

3. Output water tastes less sweet

Eventually, with the continuous passing of impure water through the membranes, these cartridges lose their absorption properties impacting their efficacy. As a result of which the total dissolved solids (TDS) may not get properly filtered and can be higher than before. This in turn affects the taste of water, making it harder and thus reducing its sweetness. Frequent cleaning and timely replacement of filters would reduce such problems, ensuring 100% safe and sweet tasting drinking water.

4. More water gets wasted as reject water

An RO water purifier discharges impure water as reject water during the process of water purification through an outlet. If you notice a surge in the volume of rejected water, ie. it is more than the usual volume; it is a sign of reduced efficiency of the water filters. Such alarms indicate replacement of the filters.

We hope the above guide will help you take an informed decision regarding the services related to your water purifier. Like any other appliance, proper maintenance improves the life of your water purifier and at the same time ensures health and safety of your family. A lot of latest water purifiers in the market, like that of Pureit, come with Advanced Filter Alerts which guide you well in advance about the upcoming need of filter replacement, technical failure, etc.

What’s the difference between an Electric and a Non-Electric water purifier?

By Pureit Water

Water purifiers without a doubt have become a fundamental part of our daily lives for clean and healthy drinking water. There are mainly two types of water purifiers in the market. Namely, electric water purifiers and non-electric water purifiers. These two types, as the names suggest, vary in their usage of electricity. But at the same time, also differ on several other factors like – water purification process, kinds of impurities removed, features and aesthetics, maintenance cost and so forth.

Electric Water Purifiers vs Non-Electric Water Purifiers

Electric water purifiers mainly comprise of Reverse osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV) and a combination of both - RO + UV water purifiers. These are more sophisticated in their technology and use various types of water filters to provide pure and clean drinking water. They have better water purification efficiency and come with several other attractive features.

Non-electric water purifiers are gravity-based and do not require electricity to function and purify water. They use filters like - Sediment filter, carbon filter, and microfilters, which are arranged one after the other vertically to remove different kinds of impurities and purify water. They use the natural water pressure to create a pull as water flows through these filters.

Let’s understand the key differences between the two.

• Stages of Water Purification

    Electric: Advanced 6 or 7 stages of purification An RO water purifier with its advanced stages of purification, provides clean drinking water to you and your family. These purifiers can remove high TDS, chemicals, and heavy metals which cannot be removed using a UV or a non-electric water purifier. A typical RO water purifier includes - Sediment Filter, RO Membrane, Pre-RO Carbon filter, UV Chamber, Mesh Filter, Post RO Carbon Filter, and Micro Filter. A UV purifier on the other hand comes with around 4 stages of water purification, designed to use electricity to kill microorganisms like protozoa, viruses, and bacteria.

   Non-Electric: 3-4 stages of purification These come with a much simpler purification process. Water is poured in the device from the top and with the gravitational pull it passes through sediment, carbon and micro filters arranged one below the other.

Purification of Different Sources of Water

    Electric: Suitable for all sources of water

 In India, one of the most common sources of water is borewell or ground water. The TDS levels of borewell water are usually higher as compared to other sources like tank or municipal. In cases where TDS levels are more than 300 ppm, RO water purifiers are the best solution as only RO technology can get rid of high levels of TDS.

    Non-Electric: Suitable for only Municipal water

 Non-electric water purifiers should be preferred when the TDS levels are under consumable limits and thus water is comparatively less harmful for consumption. Non-electric water purification systems can remove microbes like bacteria and pesticides along with bad odor but are incapable of removing heavy metals that are harmful if consumed in the long run.

• Taste of water

    Electric: Enhances taste to make it sweeter

   Water collected directly from lakes or rivers is salty mainly because of the presence of minerals, salts and other organic compounds. RO water purification technology is best at treating water with hardness and turning it into soft, sweet tasting       consumable water.

    Non-Electric: Doesn’t improve the taste of water

  The activated carbon filter present in non-electric water purifiers, remove contaminants and chlorine that can impact and sometime change the taste and color of water but doesn’t sweeten it.

• Filter replacement

    Electric:  Needs replacement once in a year.

     Filter replacement in electric water purifiers should be occasional. RO and UV purifiers are built to require minimum maintenance.

    Non-Electric: Needs replacement every 2-3 months

    Non-electric filters need replacement every 3 months as they can get clogged easily. The frequent filter replacement can be inconvenient as this requires regular maintenance.

• Features and aesthetics

    Electric: Advanced features and aesthetics

  Electric water purifiers come with superior aesthetics and newer designs that make your kitchen look more attractive. Pureit RO water purifiers not only offer beautiful looking purifiers but also are laden with best-in-class features like Advanced Filter Alerts, Water Level Indicators, Digital Purity Indicators etc.

    Non-Electric: Basic features and aesthetics Non-electrical water purifiers require space in the kitchen as most of them are table-top devices. They have only basic purification features and designs

. • Maintenance cost

    Electric: Slightly higher maintenance cost As an RO water purifier has a more efficient purification technology, it’s slightly expensive to maintain. The average cost of RO water purification comes to 50 paise per litre. But a UV water purifier on the other hand comes with the lowest maintenance cost at only 30 paise per litre.

    Non-Electric: Lower maintenance cost Non-electric water purifiers have a low maintenance cost at 35 paise per litre.

Device cleaning

    Electric: Less frequent

    Electric water purifier devices are built to require occasional cleaning that is only once in 12- 14 months. 

    Non-Electric: More frequent

    Non-electric water purifiers require very frequent cleaning that is every 3 – 4 months.

In conclusion, each water purifier comes with its own features and benefits and thus should be assessed basis individual requirement. In places where there is already an effective water filtration system, a non-electric water purifier could do the purification job. Whereas if the TDS levels in the water are excessive or water seems to be more contaminated, electric water purification should be preferred.

5 Benefits of Pure Water for Skin & Hair

By Pureit Water

The most essential and undervalued element of nature known to mankind is water. Consuming water is essential; however, consuming purified drinking water is the need of the hour. Drinking pure water and in sufficient quantities, hosts a lot of benefits for the human body - from flushing out toxins, providing hydration, to keeping your skin and hair healthy. Furthermore, it allows the organs to function well thus improving the overall wellness.

Here are 5 benefits that pure water offers for your skin and hair:

1. Reduces skin and hair dryness:

Drinking sufficient water prevents dry, scaly, and patchy skin, keeps it hydrated, reduces any form of dryness on the scalp and flushes out all the toxins released from the body. Hydrating your body is one of the most important and simplest ways to reduce roughness, rashes on the skin, dandruff, and dry scalp. Hence, it’s advised to up your daily consumption of water and keep your body well nourished.

2. Prevents skin breakouts:

Consumption of sufficient drinking water helps in reducing inflammation in the body and balances the body temperature. This further facilitates in controlling the heat released from your body and prevents skin breakouts such as acne that is mostly visible during seasons of high temperatures. Drinking  pure water naturally cools down your body and thus can prove to be beneficial for your skin.

3. Provides a radiant skin:

A naturally glowing skin depends on how healthy you are from the inside and not just outside. A daily intake of up to 8 to 10 glasses of water helps maintain a healthy gut and aids in proper digestion, resulting in a radiant skin. Drinking water at regular intervals ensures the body flushes out all the impurities, acids, and toxins, improving skin’s elasticity and ensuring a naturally healthy-looking skin.

4. Enhances Hair Quality:

While dehydration can impact the health of your skin, it may also negatively impact the health of your hair. When your body is dehydrated, your hair becomes dry, frizzy, and weak thus resulting in brittle and easily breakable hair. To prevent hair damage, one should maintain an optimal water level in the body, which stimulates hair growth and improves its quality.

5. Improves Overall Skin and Hair Health:

Dehydration or less water intake causes the skin and hair to look dull and tired, which could be easily distinguished from a healthier looking skin and hair. While there are many factors that can impact their health, drinking water has a direct role to play in this. Water whether consumed in the form of fruits or vegetables or directly from your water purifier, it does wonders for your health. The daily consumption of water must be met in order to have a well-toned, radiant complexion and ageless skin. The nourishment of the body from within clearly impacts the health of your body from outside.

Drink pure water is the core need of a human body. It’s the most natural and healthiest way to maintain your overall health and well-being. Maintaining the level of water in your body may help you prevent any disorders or alterations occurring internally or externally. Thus, drinking water must be consumed in the right amount.

Which is the best water purifier to buy online?

By Pureit Water

Water purifiers have become a necessity as the contamination and impurities are increasing with growing urbanisation. Impure water is a major cause of harmful infections and diseases. The water purifiers effectively help to eliminate these impurities from water containing virus, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

Pureit, a leading water expert with 15+ years of expertise, has a wide range of purifiers with latest technologies of purifying water – RO, UV, RO+UV, RO+MF and RO+UV+MF. These advanced technologies ensure 100% safe, clean drinking water that is free from all kinds of undesirable impurities. Many of the Pureit water purifiers come with Mineral Enrichment features which add essential minerals like Calcium and Magnesium into the water to deliver multiple health benefits.

Let’s have a look at few of the best water purifiers, one can consider buying online.

Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO+UV+MF:

Provides Goodness of Copper in RO purified water with Advanced 7-Stage purification. Copper is known to be beneficial for health. It improves metabolism, aids digestion, and improves overall health and well-being. It is also known to improve immunity as per Ayurveda.

  • Pureit Copper+ RO with it’s Copper Charge TechnologyTM adds 99.8% pure copper in RO purified water
  • With its Precise Dosing feature, it ensures that the right amount of copper is added in every glass of water to ensure you get all the health benefits of copper enriched water
  • Another unique feature is Dual Water Dispensing. This helps you choose between copper RO water and normal RO water as per your preference
  • The Auto-Cleaning feature takes care of any manual hassles of cleaning copper. This feature automatically senses and schedules automatic copper cleaning

Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF: